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 The Workplace Health & Safety Training & Management System 

1 Developed by NITE School for Australian small business. It is based on the nationally accredited course: BSB41415 Certificate IV In Work Health And Safety

2 By following the government endorsed national course syllabus, you have the assurance that it is comprehensive and covers all aspects of monitoring a safe workplace.

3 It gives you a fast and easy way to gain the skills and knowledge in what employers must do if in order to comply with WHS legislative requirements.


All the WHS forms that you need in order to comply with legislation.



The templates for agendas and meetings ensures that you properly comply with the WHS legislation. 


Graphs and illustrations

Allow you to easily understand the WHS legislative requirements.



NITE School is an industry leader in providing online vocational business training courses. 

A new and easy to use system


Implement your WHS responsibilties fast. The advantage of this system is that it is written by qualified educational professionals.

The material is presented in such a way that is easy to read and to comprehend. 

Key Features:

  • Templates and Forms
  • Meeting Agenda templates
  • Training Resources
  • Codes of Conduct

What does this do to help me?

It saves you time and money because it steamlines the WHS record keeping process.

It means that you comply with the regulations and avoid possible criminal presecution if something happens or you undergo a workplace insepction.

Dont crash your business

a crash

A workplace accident or damages claim can have a devasting effect on your business. Get protected quickly with the hugely flexible, versatile and user friendly WHS KIT!

Good for Contractors

The WHS KIT helps make for a safer working environment as well as giving you a competitive edge. Property managers, builders and developers are aware of recent court decisions that mean they are liable if their contractors do not have a proper WHS system. With the WHS KIT you can provide proper documentary evidence, such as reports and worksite inspection forms. Many of your competitors may not be able to.


You won't need the Kit 

fall stairs

Once this happens it's too late! If you did not already have the proper WHS procedures in place, including a policy of consultation with your employees about hazards, then you wont be needing the WHS KIT. He'll be needing a doctor and you will be needing a lawyer.