This ground breaking technology developed by NITE School enables you to enter a 3D virtual training world as an AVATAR.

Here you can build your WHS skills and knowledge in a wonderful collaborative learning environment.

It's a fabulous new way of in online training.

The WHS online training platform provides a rich array of WHS compliance tools.

With colourful scenarios this state of the art online training facility is also a pleasant place to learn all about WHS.

This building is where you can get an overview of the WHS legislation and regulations.

The tutorial areas and classrooms are a fantastic place to learn.

Attend a WHS lecture in a fabulous setting.

The virtual reality WHS simulator offers participants a new dimension in WHS training.

The Simulator is well designed with functionality in mind.

The WHS Simulator is a great resource for helping you to get compliant with WHS. You never thought that getting WHS complaint would be this much fun!

With intriguing tutorials that get you thinking! Mazes and regions to help you with revision set in beautiful vistas.

The WHS Simulator a training instrument that is able to tailor the course delivery to best suit the learning style of the individual. Essentially this involves the student visiting training areas in the simulator that have an accent on kinetic, auditory or visual styles of learning.

Have some fun and meet other participants and business owners. Exchange ideas and experiences in WHS. Just because you are learning about how to implement WHS doesn't mean that you can't enjoy a bit of a social time as well.

Beautiful recreation areas where you can relax for a minute or two and go through things with fellow participants and tutors. What about a beach party and concert?

Collaborative Learning Activities to help you in your course

Library, Archives and Student CV area to help job applications

Make lasting contacts which can be very helpful in time to come

Case studies, scenarios and real world WHS implementation experiences organised by NITE School where you get a chance to test out your WHS skills and knowledge.