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Codes of Practice

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codes of practice

The first thing you do when you receive the WHS Kit is print out (or email) to staff, contractors, supplies and others stakeholders the Codes of Practice. These detail the standards required under the WHS legislation and are admissible in court proceedings. The moment your organisation adopts the Codes, you are covered in a number of ways.

You cannot avoid your WHS legal liabilities merely because your contractor told you that they were WHS compliant. By adopting the codes you ensure that WHS procedures are explicitly laid out.

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Contractors and Suppliers  

Guards against Vicarious Liability because you can inform them that they must adhere to the Codes as a condition of doing business with you, and can email it or put it on your website.


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If you needed to terminate an employee for engaging in dangerous work practices,  discrimination or bullying behaviour (for example), they cannot say that such behaviour was not defined and expressly forbidden.


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Boosts Productivity

Safe work practices are encouraged because they clearly outlined in the code. This builds productivity and Human Capital in your organisation.

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whs thbnail   Although still used sometimes, the term 'Occupational Health and Safety' (OH&S) is now redundant has been replaced by 'Workplace Health and Safety' (WHS).   whs thbnail